FAQs for the Craft Brewing Conference

Aren't Butterfly Valves cheaper?

Driftless Ceramic Core Ball Valves provide a price-competitive alternative to high-maintenance, difficult-to-clean butterfly valves while delivering benefits through superior durability, longevity, and sanitation. 

Are Butterfly Valves aasier to clean than Ceramic Ball Valves?

Driftless Ceramic Core Ball Valve's flow-through design - hermetically sealed to 0.025µ (microns), smaller than bacteria or other common (and uncommon) contaminants. There is no way for fluid to enter beyond the wetted-flow area of the valve. To clean, simply run the usual solutions through the valve with it open fully, 50% open, and then cycled open and closed to ensure even distribution of the cleaning solution on all surfaces. 

Isn't it easier to remove Butterfly Valves if required for cleaning?

Removal of the Driftless Ceramic Core Ball Valve is NOT required for cleaning. 

Won't Butterfly Valves take up way less space than Ceramic Ball Valves?

The ball valve, when configured properly can have very compact dimensions. 

Butterfly Valves can come with a locking mechanism, can Ceramic Ball Valves?

The pressure-balanced nature of the ceramic ball valve does not require a locking mechanism to hold the position. However, a locking mechanism is available upon request. A ball valve will remain in whatever position it is set. 

If the ball is ceramic, will it be porous and difficult to clean? Can it pass a specific cleanliness whether it is swabbed?

The Driftless Ceramic Core Ball Valve is non-porous. The ceramic ball’s surface is polished and impermeable. The ball valve has passed all NSF sanitation requirements for sterility and hygiene.

How does the ceramic core affect the motor size of an electronic control ball valve?

The Driftless Ceramic Core Electronic Control Ball Valve uses MUCH smaller motors due to their low torque operation.