Ceramic Core Ball Valves

Introducing Driftless Precision Products Ceramic Core Ball Valves

Precision Manufactured ball valve for heavy commercial use.

Our Ceramic Core Ball Valves have a self-balancing design that requires very low torque to operate. These hermetically-sealed valves are extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. This allows our valves to stand up to the toughest fluid control challenges. The ball cores and seats are precisely ground in pair to ensure zero leakage.

Available in various drive styles including manual, pneumatic, and electronic. Our valves can be constructed with a variety of materials to meet the most demanding requirements, such as UPVC, PPO, and Stainless Steel. Connections can be configured for threads, flanges, UPVC and more.

Our ball valves are ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, including; water saving systems, industrial automatic control systems, automatic sewage systems, environmental protection projects, water supply and drainage, food and water treatment, and irrigation systems.

Ceramic Core Ball Valves Feature

  • Low torque operation
  • High corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance
  • Precisely fitted ball cores and seats
  • Various materials and connection options
  • Lifetime guarantee on ceramic internals

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